Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5 things to consider before starting your own Event Planning Business

1. Why Event Planning ?

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is Why do you want to be in this field ? What make it so special that you choose to be HERE, in this moment. What thought comes into your mind that makes you wanna establish your own business? Is it because you 
think you are creative? You can tell that by the compliments that you get, like you have arranged a few parties here and there for friends and family and people gave you a good response. or you think you are good with multitasking and organizing things. Or is it just because you saw this reality show on t.v that you just cannot get over. (take HGTV design for an example). Well, IF that is the case... You are in the wrong place. All you need to do is STOP day dreaming PLEASE ! Yeah, OK I know That was a bit rude but hello ? this is certainly NOT an easy job. These t.v shows makes it look so simple and fun. But trust me its NOT. Now, I don't want you to lose hope or anything. But Starting a business is definitely a huge step to take. If you want to be involved I would suggest may be try assisting a well established Event planner. Just to get that taste of how it really is..!! If still you think you can do this and you are ready for the next step read the tip no 2.. ;)

2. Getting hands on experience:As I was saying, If you do not have any experience and you just got fascinated by these shows on the t.v. Please, Assist someone with an experience in this field just to get the taste of how its really done..! Plus Its an amazing way of getting a hands on experience. and It will be very helpful to you in the future. Because there are a lot of things that we don't even consider to be important and they end up ruining the whole event. I will give you an example. Just Imagine, You don't know how to tie the table clothes properly ( YES! There is a proper way to do that) and some kid comes running and pulls it...!! Just Imagine ALL your efforts will go to waste just because of a little mistake which you didn't even knew about. So, I would suggest to get at least some hands on experience of working in this field.

3. Got the Time ? The Long working hours........!!! Omg!  I cannot even tell you how frustrating it is when you have to spend long hours of work not only planning the event but also executing it ! And on top of that you have to be there till the end of the ceremony to insure everything goes right. You would be the very First person to walk in to the place and probably the last to leave. The key to survive is to have the passion, in doing the things  you are doing or else there is no point.

4. Communication skills :Dont even ask me how important your communication skills are..!! You need to be able enough to let your clients understand what you want to say, how you explain to them your opinions, how you understand what they are thinking. Its essential to have that level of communication where you understand what they actually want and deliver it accordingly. At the end of the day its their event and they should like what you made out of their instruction or better say imagination.

5. Enjoy ! :)The Last tip is to enjoy doing what you have the passion for. It is the most important thing in doing absolutely anything at all. To be able to enjoy it. You don't wanna be in a place where you have to kill yourself just to earn money. You should be able to get excited when that alarm starts snoozing, Excited for going to work meeting new people, building connections, getting new tasks for every project and most of all making people happy on their special occasions with your skills. Always remember every event is as important no matter how less you are earning for it. The people give you space in their lives, they share their thoughts and most importantly they trust you... and put every responsibility on your shoulders. And you should always appreciate that fact. 

Well, that was my take on the things I think are important. Now, You may or may not agree with all I have said but again this is solely my opinion and experience.

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